On April fourteenth of 2007 my Daughter and I joined a club that no one takes any joy or has any choice in joining.  In the immediate aftermath of our loss, I was very concerned about how this was going to affect Ellie and I was at a loss as to where I could go to find her some bereavement counseling.  As things would have it, a good friend of ours had sadly experienced his own family tragedy and mentioned A Place For Kids.  A Place For Kids has been a god sent for us and I am so grateful.

Ellie’s Dad, Mike


After joining A Place For Kids the boys are very excited to attend the meetings in which they truly enjoy participating. They absolutely love and can’t wait for the Monday night meetings. They get a chance to be with other children like themselves that are experiencing the grieving of losing a loved one.

Cameron Hurd, father of Cameron and Collin


A Place For Kids has provided my kids and I a safe place to meet and talk to others, like us, about this painful experience.  Here we are provided with tools to help our kids and help ourselves (spouses) move forward.  My kids and I look forward to making the trip to A Place For Kids every other week because we feel “peace” after each meeting.  We love A Place For Kids because we know that they truly understand but most importantly, we know they care!  Thank you.

Elena Anglin, Mother of Cassie and Chloe


We were fortunate that A Place For Kids opened in September of 2003 and we were able to attend from the beginning.  It’s been a haven for me, caretaker of my daughter’s children and Jack, age 8, at the time of his mother’s death.  APFK is a refuge where Jack can process his feelings.  He has benefited enormously from the loving support he receives at APFK, and from being with other children who have experienced a similar loss.  We are deeply grateful to the people of APFK for founding this wonderful place of acceptance, validation, support, care and love.

Carol Sanders, grandmother of Jack


APFK has helped Matthew and Jonathan to share what happened to their dad.  They look forward to being with other children that have experienced the same thing.  It is helpful for them to know that other small children have suffered this type of loss.  All the activities help them to socialize and process their grief.

What APFK offers to our children and the community is phenomenal.  They are providing everyone a place to grow and grieve.  They help each of us to look for comfort in years to come.  I believe in APFK.  I believe in their volunteers.  I believe in the service they provide our community.

Brenda Rodriguez, Mother of Matthew and Jonathan


Aary’s Place For Kids has been a very rewarding experience for both Marina and myself.  She has a chance to talk about her loss with other kids and not feel different.  The support she has received from her friends at Aary’s Place For Kids has helped her so much.  She is able to talk about her Papa and remember all the love and wonderful times she had with him.  My experience with the adult group has helped me to deal with Marina’s sadness (as well as my own).  I’ve learned what others have experienced and what they are doing to help themselves.  We are all ages and all walks of life, helping and supporting each other.

Thank you, Aary’s Place For Kids, for your time, dedication, love and courage.  There are many other children that will suffer through the loss of a loved one and now they have a place to turn to.

Connie Gontang, Grandmother of Marina


A Place For Kids means so much to me because it helps me get through my Mother’s passing. It helps me grieve and talk about my feelings. Now I know that I am not alone. I know that other Kids have those some kinds of problems too. So that’s why A Place For Kids means so much to me.

Ellie Aguilar 10 years old