Book Recommendations

Moving-Through-Grief-with-Grace-and-Dignity-smExperiencing grief is a natural part of life, but few are ever taught about the grieving process until a tragedy occurs.

Even then, however good-intentioned the nearby advice givers may be, most people dealing with a traumatic loss are given poor or incorrect information.

Understanding how people can naturally respond to a loss in a way that honors the event or person is an important skill many still need to learn.

After extensive investigation, Al and Marilyn recognized that most of the accepted literature, rituals and processes of grieving currently being utilized in our modern culture are lacking. They found that the current methods can often keep a person trapped in debilitating grief and unnecessary pain, sometimes for decades.

Now, after years of in-depth research and development, Al has identified and developed a straightforward five-step pathway that nature provides for moving through a tragic loss or change event. His research proves that there is a simple template to follow that allows a person to experience their authentic emotions while getting back into the balance of life in a proactive manner.

Al Sargent’s book Moving Through Grief with Grace and Dignity the Way Nature Intended, provides a step-by-step strategy for knowing where someone is in the process of grieving and how to proceed to a point of understanding about any issue surrounding an experience of loss or change.

The book also provides tools for addressing and dealing with anger, fear, guilt and other emotions that can interrupt the process of healing. There are entire sections about the importance of building healthy connections in life, effective strategies to be more confident and self-directed in negotiating life’s relationships, and detailed descriptions of the process of natural grieving.

All in all, this is a book about the “how” of living life in balance so that when a loss occurs, a significant change event happens, or our world feels like it has been turned upside down, we have the pathway to know what to do to find our center again in a healthy and powerful way.

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